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"I benefited from counseling with Claire when I was feeling stuck in some unproductive communication patterns with my spouse. Over the course of time, I became clearer about how my people-pleasing tendencies interfered with some crucial conversations with him. Claire was that trusted professional who helped me discover these personal roadblocks and learn new ways of communicating as she aided me in creating more win-win situations. As a result, I feel more comfortable in my relationship with my husband, like I'm really moving forward in this area of my life."
-Julie, Green Lake, WI


"I did not want to admit that my anger issues were a problem for me and my family. But I never knew when I would “go off” on someone for the smallest thing. I ended up liking the individual counseling and sorting out stuff.  Even the family sessions helped my parents “get me” more!  I am now more aware of ways to deal with my anger and avoid potential upsetting situations."
-Anonymous Teenager, St. Louis, MO

"I knew I needed to get to the root of my unhealthy behavior. With Claire, I found the strength to change for the better. The last three months have been full of ups and downs as I struggled to get back on track. The difference for me is that I now feel more positive and engaged in my life. This is huge for me, because I had been living with so much fear. I am now excited about the future and my future with family and friends."
-Angie, O'Fallon, MO


"Many working women get caught up in the rush of daily life that lends itself to poor self-care habits. I was one, until I had Claire as my coach help me learn to focus on my needs. As professionals, sometimes we are too quick to pour ourselves into our work, family, and other outside daily requirements. With Claire's assistance, I was able to take care of me and find more balance, which gave me a better frame of mind for other responsibilities. I looked forward to our weekly meetings and always had my goals in mind. Thanks again, Claire, for your support and encouragement along the way. I will be forever grateful."
-Beth, Lake St. Louis, MO

"Claire has helped me to develop a clearer life path. She has enabled me to understand my personal habits. I realized it was my responsibility to make decisions for my life, but I just didn't know how or feel safe when making those decisions alone. Claire has held me accountable and as a result, I have much improved my lifestyle. I have appreciated the non-threatening environment Claire provided and the encouragement that I needed along the way in my attempts to choose a better life, a more promising future."
-Silvia, Eureka, MO


"Through Claire's support, I have found confidence in continuing to try and to not give up or give in as I have done in the past. I particularly liked the goal setting as it helped me focus and held me accountable. The online resources and the attractive, well written book that I was given were useful in helping me reach my goals. Thank you, Claire, for all of your help."
-Maxine, Ballwin, MO

"With Claire's expert help and support, I learned to make better choices for myself. I received encouragement as I set my weekly goals and support in staying focused on them. I felt myself becoming more accountable and more determined the longer I was coached. It now feels good to feel more in control and to keep on moving, slowly but surely, in the right direction."
-Anne Marie, O'Fallon, MO